5069da11d9127e30ea000891._w.540_h.359_s.fit_Clean the grates in almost exactly the same way as would with burner plates by soaking them in hot water and dishwashing fluid and then scrubbing the life out of them until grease free.

You can use a scouring pad on non-coated grates but for coated ones, always use a sponge. This avoids scraping off the enamel. Like the burners, dry them thoroughly before replacing. How Can I Get My Flat-Top Stove Clean and Without Any Scratches or Spots?

There are plenty of cleaning products that claim to be glass-friendly, but many have an abrasive action that over time can scratch your stove like a skater on a frozen lake. Moreover, most of them contain toxic chemicals like chlorine or ammonia, so what is the eco-friendly way?

Maybe I should change the title of this book because neat baking soda (what, again!) sprinkled liberally on the surface of your glass top works a treat. Simply, polish the powder in with a cloth and then scrub it off with a damp rag.

The soda ‘flakes’ are far softer than the hard glass, so cannot scratch the surface of your flat-top. They do, however, chemically soak up the grease like blotting paper.

If you’re having any trouble getting up the dirt, add a little white-vinegar to the soda to turn it into a thick paste. The acetic acid in the vinegar helps to break down the fat-molecules in the grease, making it easier for the soda to suck up the food residue.

Though a little labor intensive, I promise you will be blown away by the results.