stove1-71001Baking soda is great for cleaning, but when combined with white-vinegar and a maybe a little lemon peel, you get an amazing multi-purpose cleaner!

Get a large-sized spray bottle and fill it with a solution of one part baking soda to one part white-vinegar to three parts water. For fragrance, add lemon or orange peel first and then pour in the ingredients. It sounds tasty, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t recommend drinking it, though!

Spray this solution over your range and then leave for a few minutes before finally scrubbing it off with a clean, damp cloth. For stubborn stains, scrub a little harder.

This homemade, cheap and non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner is useful for all sorts of things – so watch this space!

Finally, all that effort has paid off and your range is now so clean, you’re tempted to convince your neighbors that you’ve gone and bought a new one that just happens to look identical to your old one that went out of production in 2004!