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Cleaning kitchen cabinets

How to Clean Wood and Laminate Cabinets
Before we get-going, let’s empty our kitchen cabinets and go through and throw away anything we don’t need – like that two year old bottle of Naga chili sauce you once tried that gave you stomach cramps all day! Done? OK, roll up your sleeves, guys! Let’s tackle those […]

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Cleaning Home Furnishings

Well, we’ve covered an awful lot so far about cleaning the rooms and some of the big items you might find in them, but what about all those ‘little things’ – those furnishings that turn our house into a home? Not only do these objects provide the ‘soul of the house’ by which you can […]

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How to clean kitchen floors

Before you do anything else, try cleaning any odd spots with a damp paper towel, but if your floor looks like a soccer team stomped through it, then you’ve no choice but to grab that mop and bucket!
The Proper Way to Mop a Floor
First, choose the right mop for your type of floor. If you […]

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Cleaning the dining room

The centerpiece of any dining room is the table, and these come in a bewildering array of sizes, types and materials. They can also be INCREDIBLY expensive to buy and repair. I know from experience when my young son spilt a bottle of silver modelers-paint all over my brandnew expensive mahogany masterpiece! My, how I […]

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How to clean countertops – All Kinds.

Countertops come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from all kinds of materials including granite, acrylic, laminate, treated wood, steel, marble – and even bamboo! Countertops are going to need some special attention because not only should they be clean, but they also need to be hygienic if food is prepared or […]

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How to clean carpets & rugs.

If your home has started to feel dingy, then it could be that your rugs and carpets are in need of a good clean. This is because when left uncared for over time, they can easily become magnets for stains and their brightness can soon begin to diminish. They may even begin to give off […]

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How to clean electronics.

Yet again, as always, follow the manufacturer’s guides before cleaning. You don’t want to ruin that games console now, do you! Each week, vacuum out the dust from the ventilation grilles of all your electronic gear, and then once done, give their casings a thorough […]

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How to clean ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can be cleaned by hanging an old pillowcase over each blade and then dragging them across until they come off the end. The inside of the edge of the seams will scrape off any dust, which then falls into the case.

Window fans often trap dust. This builds up and eventually breaks away into […]

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30 day cleaning schedule

Let’s face it, house cleaning is a chore. It’s hard work, boring and never seems to end. Often you feel completely overwhelmed by the task. This totally de-motivates you, so you never get going and the dirt just piles up and up.

All is not lost, though, as once you do get started, you’ll probably keep going […]

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Gift Certificate Page

Please note that our service areas for the gift certificates are currently in


Let us give the gift of cleanliness to you or your loved ones, and have your giftee’s place look like this:

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