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How to clean your computer mouse

Like keyboards, mice are bug-farms too, so they also need regular cleaning.

Disconnect the mouse and wipe over with a rubbing alcohol dampened cloth. Be careful not to pull off any rubberized feet on the bottom and avoid the optical sensor, too (the little red-light or lens-thingy on the underside). When done, plug back in and […]

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How to clean your computer and TV screens.

Dust loves computer and TV screens, so gently wipe a dry micro-fiber cloth over them daily. Then wipe over a fabric softener sheet to reduce the static.

For a more thorough cleaning, do ONLY the following:
Spray-on distilled water and wipe dry with a micro-fiber cloth. Alternatively, use a soft lint-free cloth and spray the screen in […]

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How to clean your walls without removing paint.

We’ve already covered how to clean off grease in the section on “How to Clean Stove Splatters from a Wall ” under the kitchen chapter. This works fine for most cases, but what if your room is painted in cheap nonwashable emulsion? Even the lightest scrub with the mildest soap solution will lift this off […]

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How to clean wood furniture

Different wood treatments affect how the furniture should be cleaned, so make sure you know what was done before you try. Some wooden furniture, such as those which have been lacquered, cannot absorb oil. Untreated woods, however, such as teak and rosewood need yearly applications of furniture oil to maintain their finish.
 Oiled Wood
An occasional application of furniture oil helps […]

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How to clean your sink

The sink is one of the most neglected items in the kitchen, which is silly as this should be one of the most hygienic things in the house. After all, despite the advent of the dishwasher, many cups, plates and pieces of cutlery are rinsed in the sink daily.

Most people have metal sinks in their […]

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Cleaning the bedroom

After a long busy day, there is nothing better than lying in bed – sometimes with a good book – and letting our stresses and aggravation that has built-up gently flow out of us like a calming stream of tranquility.

The trouble is our calming stream of tranquility won’t flow very far when we see the […]

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Cleaning the bathroom

No one likes cleaning the bathroom – lest of all me; hair-clogged drains, grungy mildew, and – ahem – the toilet. It’s a wet, messy job, but also an essential task.

I try to stay clear of using harsh toxic chemicals as they’re bad for everyone and everything and, as I’ve said before, many don’t even […]

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How to clean metal fixtures and furnishings

It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve bought the best, biggest Turkey you can afford, the house looks fabulous, even your lampshades look good enough to eat off, and the kitchen is so sparkly you almost need sunglasses to work in it. You open a draw to pull out your best silver, and – surprise, surprise – it’s tarnished […]

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Cleaning living room furniture

Your guests have gone, and you’ve put all the stuff away that you had temporarily stashed in the garage. Then you take a closer look at the room – Yuck! Ashamed, you decide to do a deep clean.

How to Clean Your Couch, Cushions and the Comfy Chair!
If there’s a ‘W’ on the care tag, you […]

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How to clean lampshades

How to Clean Glass, Plastic and Paper Shades
Glass and plastic lampshades clean up easily by sponging them over in a sink filled with warm water and a little dishwasher liquid. Simply avoid using abrasives and abrasive pads.

A paper shade only needs dusting off occasionally; while a straw shade should be vacuumed weekly.

How to Clean Fabric, […]

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