We are pleased to announce that we now offer carpet cleaning services.  Our carpet cleaning technician is equipped with a truck mount system with 300 feet of hose.  James has over 20 years experience in the field, and works with the largest of commercial facilities down to the small 1-3 rooms in apartments or houses.

In James’s 15+ years of experience, he has come across every type of carpet, and technique available for carpet cleaning.  He lives and breathes carpet cleaning, and will GUARANTEE satisfaction on your carpet cleaning job!

Carpets are a major investment in your home, and require regular cleanings to keep their shiny new appearance. In fact, soiled areas combined with foot traffic (which grinds the soil particles into the fibers like sandpaper), is the contributing factor to premature demise of carpet fibers.

Our Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Service Is The Solution!

We offer superior quality carpet steam cleaning services to bring out the best look out of your carpets. Our top notch steam cleaning equipment & procedures will remove deep down soiling and stains, leaving carpets smelling fresh and looking good!

Our carpet cleaning services sometimes leave our first time customers shocked when we remove stains that had never come out in previous cleanings by other companies. We love to produce the WOW factor for our customers. That’s what we strive for on every carpet cleaning job!

Our Carpet Cleaning Features:

  • Free on-site / over-the-phone estimates
  • Convenient on-time appointments
  • Child safe & pet friendly cleaning products
  • Thorough pretreatment and special attention to soiled traffic areas and stains
  • Powerful steam cleaning
  • Move & clean under most furniture
  • Protective pads/blocks under furniture legs/frames
  • Fast drying
  • Post cleaning freshness aroma
  • Effective allergy relief
  • Advanced Dupont Teflon & Sanitizer treatments available

Call us today to book your carpet clean at 604-864-1767